Where to buy the Jordan 9 Retro Chile Red

Travis Scott has been seen in his own Cheap Jordans Retro. Since Air Max Day 2021, the latest collaboration of the rapper and Nike has been officially confirmed via the SNKRS app. There are various rumors about the design, for example, several colorways would be released on the model. Travis appears to be wearing the brown variety. What immediately stands out is of course the reverse swoosh on the sides. What do you think of this collaboration?The color scheme may seem quite familiar to you. The upper construction is a combination of leather and suede. The first quilted fabric will be pure white. The leather on the toebox has been dyed dark navy blue. The suede just above the sole and on the back of the upper is also in a similar shade. White and navy blue meet once more on the sole, with a vivid shade of blue from below.
So far we only have the unofficial picture about Jordan 1 Retro High Seafoam, but we are used to that from Jordans. The starfish is reminiscent and colourway of the retro reverse shattered backboard that came back five years ago. Orange, black, white - who can resist? We don't have to say much about the composition of the colors. Very classic: the toebox, side elements and toebox are made of soft, smooth leather. The panels all around come in bright orange. The Swoosh, the laces and the Air Jordan logo on the heel set the popular contrast to the rest of the colors. The highlight, however, is that the logo on the heel is in the original location from the 1985 upper floor. In the newer models, the wings are usually further down on the heel.A path that leads us today to discover this famous Nike SB Dunk High '' TV Signal '' whose release is therefore scheduled for May 15, 2021. As its name suggests, it is a rising version of which the upper has benefited from technical adjustments to promote skateboarding. However, what interests us most here is obviously its finish. This is distinguished by a multicolored treatment that the designers of the equipment manufacturer have applied filigree on the base of the upper. You can see him on each quarter panel as well as on the ankle support.
It's been over a year and a half now that you've been eating 2021 Jordan 9 Retro Chile Red in every way, not only on Sneaker Style, but also on social media where new versions of the Peter Moore classic continue to unveil with time. in advance. From our side, we are waiting for them to be official before presenting them to you, at least the ones that we think are really worth seeing. We can't afford to tell you about all the latest iterations in the line because there are just too many. This version, dubbed "TV Signal", therefore met all of our selection criteria. Expected for May 15, the pair is sort of a follow-up to the Nike SB Dunk Low "Camcorder" with an audio-visual-themed finish. Its color is more precisely inspired by the test pattern, an image used in particular by television channels to calibrate the display of a screen or a television. Without transition, here's everything you need to know about it.But that’s a whole different story. And the Dunk still has a long way to go to hope to surpass the AF-1 one day in the heart and especially at the feet of addicted sneakers.
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