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There has undoubtedly been increased pressure on businesses to become environmentally friendlier amid continuing climate change. As a result, whether you are a business owner or the events manager for the given business, it is important to start thinking about how business activities impact the environment. 

In particular, how can corporate events become more sustainable? We’re here to help you consider greener ways of planning a corporate, or any type of event, so keep reading. 

Ethical sourcing

When it comes to corporate events, especially corporate dinners, you may expect fine dining. Consequently, with fine dining, you’re bound to have a fancy and elegant dinner menu. You’ll probably hire a caterer to ensure this, but have you ever considered hiring an ethical caterer in London

Ethical caterers take into regard what others may overlook – ethical sourcing. Ethical sourcing acknowledges that there is always a sustainable way to source produce for the menu, particularly seasonal and local produce from suppliers that have the same values as them, to be more ethical and eco-friendlier. 

Caiger& Co is an ethical caterer in London, providing a luxurious catering service that could be perfect for your next corporate event. We ensure that our meat, fish, and vegetables are sourced ethically, with consideration of sustainable packaging and taking into account unnecessary waste. 

A green, clean menu

When we say a green, clean menu, we are not only referring to a vegan or vegetarian menu. While this may be an option for you to consider for your next corporate event, we realise that some people’s preferences are simply meat. 

This is why Caiger& Co offers a balanced menu with a variety of choices for both meat-eaters and vegetarians or vegans, but most importantly, highlighting the nutritional value of our vegetables and seasonal produce. 

Our bespoke catering is highly personalisable and creative, with our menus created based on your corporate event’s needs. You will be glad to know that your menu will be unique and will be created with your event, and the environment, in mind. 

Sustainability from pre-event to post-event

At Caiger& Co, we are committed to being an ethical caterer in London. We aim to be as sustainable as possible, from when we source our produce, all the way to when we deliver the dishes. As part of the Evening Standard’s Last Straw campaign, we now only serve paper straws and refuse to buy products in plastic bottles. 


Any waste from pre-production to post-event is managed ethically, either preserved or fermented, so we ensure that waste products are handled responsibly as well. 

Corporate events can be a sophisticated affair, but you can rest assured that Caiger& Co will be able to deliver a catering service that will not only match the opulence of your event, but also help reduce your impact on the environment. 

If you’re interested in an ethical caterer in London, please get in touch with us today to enquire and find out more information about how we can help make your next corporate event successful and sustainable. 

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