About Us

Flokii is mainly a Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) social network.

The use of Flokii is free, and will always be free.  Flokii has been launched end of 2018.

Flokii is a social network for businesses, charitable organizations, associations, government entities and bloggers specializing in business, as well as the community in general as part of its relationships with any public or private utility provider.

Flokii's objective is to create a network between entities themselves (companies, governments, associations, etc.) and between entities and individuals, but with the aim of exchanging as much useful information and intelligence as possible between them.

Flokii arose from the idea that there was no social network that would allow companies or legal entities in general to share, exchange and promote what each of them can offer to others, on a global scale. Nor to have a reliable tool allowing companies and business people to evaluate the quality of the products or services offered.

The founders of Flokii are business people who own businesses trading on every continent. They have often had to use companies and firms abroad, and often in countries where they have never been before.

It was following numerous misadventures that they decided to create Flokii. One of them was the export to France of products manufactured in the United States. These products were finally delivered four months later than planned, but totally demolished. And the company that had insured the condition of the goods went bankrupt a few weeks after the claim was filed.

A year later, when further orders were to be exported to Europe, they had given a Dutch legal firm a mandate to obtain the necessary permits to import their supplies into the Netherlands. The permits were indeed obtained, but the goods delivered were finally blocked at the port of Amsterdam for several months because the permits obtained were not the ones that should have been requested. The legal firm had made a mistake in the product code to be imported into the Netherlands.

Any entity that conducts business transactions outside its own region experiences this type of inconvenience from time to time. Flokii was created with the primary perspective of enabling any business person and any entity to exchange useful and detailed information about its customers, suppliers and partners.

Flokii’s founders have long searched the internet for a website or social network that would allow them to easily and quickly find reliable customers, suppliers or partners, and that simply does not exist. That's why they created Flokii.

And, subsequently, they decided to extend their social network to associations, non-profit organizations, charities as well as government entities, which are also important players in the business world.



Flokii, Inc.