Teach me how to download games from a torrent

On the torrents themselves to understand the nubu almost impossible. Links do not work, the language is incomprehensible to inexperienced users, etc. Can you help?
Max Velin on August 22 at 07:02 PM in Other question
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Jacob Hue on August 29 at 11:43 AM
Retro games have the best and most recent free classic games. You can play retro games online for free, and they can help you unwind. 
candymika on August 23 at 12:03 AM
You've made it very clear. Thank you for that. Now I will try to download some movie.
Agata Brown on August 22 at 08:39 PM
I can explain by the example of movies. First you go to a site like this piratebay top movies, then you look for what you need to download, or rather what movie and click on what you selected. Then click download, save it on your desktop, it's just a torrent file. And then double-click on this file to open the torrent program, and there you choose the path to download the file, after downloading must be stopped, otherwise will distribution continue to work, but easier to just exit the program.
Mark Bartra on August 22 at 07:56 PM