Programs for electricians

I am an electrician, and I think everyone who works in this field dreams of finding loopholes that make life and business easier. Personally, I secretly dream that a special program would do all the designing, and I would get a salary for it. So I decided to find a developer and order him the software for electricians. Please tell me if you know any guys who do this?
Norwood on November 13 at 01:12 PM in Other question
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Electricians are a very important profession these days. Everything in our world now runs on electricity. Light, technology, internet, servers and so on. Of course software for electricians will simplify their work.
PiterS on November 21 at 06:41 AM
There are really programs now even for the electrical business. You can automate it, it is simply better to do this with the help of experienced specialists of programmers. This company will help you with the installation of software for the electrical business, this will really simplify many work processes.
Emma Lopes on November 21 at 03:32 AM
Perhaps there are already such programs? If not, then this is a great reason to start creating it, it will be like a life hack for your profession. You can ask experienced programmers for this, maybe they can help you with something, it will be great
Oliver Terree on November 13 at 11:44 PM
To be honest, this is the first time I hear about electricians, and that there is such a program. I advise you to click on Google and watch videos on YouTube, they are very informative and you can find what you need.embarassed
Kristin on November 13 at 07:38 PM