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To create high-quality software products, you need great knowledge in different areas and great experience. But not all the guys from our team have the proper skills and even more experience. I decided to send my team for advanced training in IT. Where to hire certified IT specialists for this?
Norwood on November 15 at 08:53 AM in Other question
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It is very true, a lot of knowledge is needed and also experience, having already developed high-quality software. I would say that a minimum of 1 year of experience is needed to make high-quality software without errors and functional, so you should look for a developer. professional in this area, qualified IT specialists can be found by searching Google, there usually appear hundreds and hundreds in the search results
JackManoban on November 17 at 11:04 AM
Large specialist companies have their own websites , so I advise you to start by searching the Internet , and then you will learn more useful information and eventually find yourself a contractor for this order .
Oliver Terree on November 17 at 07:12 AM
In any field it is always necessary to improve, especially in IT technology. And you are right to learn and develop your employees. Learn about consulting here, with such specialists you can not only close the gaps in your knowledge, but also teach your team something new, which will soon bring its results. 
Juwan on November 17 at 06:51 AM
Today it is very important to improve your knowledge in the field of IT technologies. You can order consulting services that provide an opportunity to advise employees on the development of software products.
Yan_ on November 17 at 03:55 AM
To find it specialists need nothing but the Internet. LinkedIn is a social network where many it specialists, twitter.There are special groups where IT specialists sit Thematic communities, forums and chats
Job Aggregators
Professional Events
These are all groups I know. Ask around!
Kristin on November 15 at 11:21 PM
Сергей Попков Шеф-дизайнер, сооснователь AIC востребованный специалст .
Глеб Михеев
CTO Skillbox Holding и глава программного комитета FrontendConf.
Николай Смирнов
Программный директор Skillbox .
Владислав Семёнов on November 15 at 05:51 PM