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Working in the field of electronic money, I often encounter distrust and misunderstanding on the part of people. It's hard to prove one's case without supporting documents. I think that after receiving the licenses, many will trust to open their accounts with our company. What do you think?
Juwan on November 29 at 09:17 AM in Other question
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I understand you, a year ago I worked in a position somewhat related to that world and people's distrust is noticeable, mostly due to lack of documents, I think that once you get the licenses they will blindly trust your company, so what do you do? ok if you want to get them
JackManoban on November 29 at 03:49 PM
This is right, I think, because people need a reliable source of information, now it is appreciated absolutely in any business and in any field. And finding people who can help with this issue is not so difficult
on November 30 at 04:19 AM
Confirming documents will still have to be provided. Electronic money is essentially a bank transfer when you receive a bank card, for example, documents also require. The same for financial institutions, if there are the necessary licenses, immediately arises more confidence in the organization.
Emma Lopes on November 30 at 03:40 AM
There are companies that are engaged in such activities. I advise you to search for information on the Internet in this regard, then you will be able to find out something for yourself and then you will be able to order this service from experienced specialists
Oliver Terree on November 30 at 01:01 AM
If you go to an accountant and you see the title of accountant in the back of his office hanging on his wall, does it not give you confidence? Well, when your clients see that you have all the necessary licenses, the same thing will happen to them, confidence will increase a lot and they will not hesitate for a second to open an account in your company.
That license you need and many more, this company gives you perfectly https://www.fintecharbor.com/licenses-for-electronic-money-institutions-emi/ You just look for the license you need, if you can't find it, talk to them by private message, they will be happy to answer each of the questions and doubts you have for make them
FrankJarry on November 29 at 10:50 PM