Capo’s Do It Yourself Pizza

Capo’s Do It Yourself Pizza

Do It Yourself Pizza from Capo

Capo is an Italian-American Restaurant in South Boston. Between their authentic food and Supper Club that serves as a nightclub with live music, Capo is one of the most popular restaurants in the city of Boston.

Like the rest of the industry, Capo has been deeply impacted this year by the ongoing spread of COVID19.

Head Chef Ciro Fodera (pronounced "Cheer-O. One of the nicest people I've come across.) along with Executive Chef of the Broadway Restaurant Group (A local partnership that owns 4 restaurants in the neighborhood including Capo) came up with the idea for DIY Pizza Kits available for takeout to patrons confined to their homes during the worldwide pandemic.

Available to order at

Music: C.R.E.A.M. - El Michels Affair
Descendant of the Stars - Action Bronson (produced by Alchemist)
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